Welcome to Behrens Artistry, we are so glad you stopped by! We are best friends living out our PURPOSE, PASSIONS and ARTISTRY. We live and breath all things hair+makeup, fashion and Jesus! We started this blog with a purpose of sharing with ALL of you our best kept hair and makeup secrets, killer fashion deals and ways for you to serve others.  We can’t wait to share our lives and hearts with you!  Keep on reading to get to know all the in’s and out’s of  us LINDSEY AND CAMILLE!

After reading about us why don’t you stay a while?! Head on back to the blog and find out  how to wear red lipstick all year long, shop the thrift stores like a pro or find a new home church. Happy reading!

We are mom’s, women of faith, and lovers of all things girly! You know those types of friends you look back and can’t remember what your life looked like when they weren’t apart of it?! Well that’s us!! We have come into each others lives at different times and under different circumstances but we feel like we have been friends for a lifetime!


Lindsey could be considered the “bossy” one of the group (in every good sense of the word).  She is a mom of 2 boys, Saywer 6 and Quaid 3. She is the “Behrens” of Behrens Artistry. Lindsey is artistic, outspoken and loves her friends her “people” with a fiery passion. You can find her at any moment in time with a cup of coffee in her hand and a blanket wrapped around her. You won’t find her traveling the world or after big adventures. She has a spirit of contentment to stay cozy in her little house with her family near.


Camille is the dreamer and historian of the group. She is a mom of 3 boys, Carlos 20 (yes this is not a typo and no she is not actually 50 years of age. She is 35 you can do the math! ) Rawley 5 and Wilson 2. Camille has a spirit of inspiration. She inspires anyone around her to be better, to do better. She is bold with her faith and loves people with every fiber of her heart. She is meant to do great things in this world and is dead set on living that purpose. You can find this girl at any moment forcing people to take a picture (hence the historian part) and keeping up with her two wild boys. Unlike Lindsey she want’s to see EVERY inch of the world and document EVERY second of it!

We are so incredibly DIFFERENT but we just fit. We believe we were meant to be here, together, in this place sharing all we have to give. We are different people, with different opinions, coming together in one place, in the hopes you can relate with either of us at any given time. We hope that you enjoy reading all that we have to give as much as we have creating it!

With so much love from both of us, thanks for stopping by!